The Orchard

Debbie got me 5 fruit trees for my birthday to supplement our orchard.

The Orchard

With 5 new trees we now have 9 trees all together, laid out in a 3 x 3 grid, of course.

From the right of the picture, front to back:

  • Courtland apple, Macintosh apple, Royal Gala apple
  • Granny Smith apple, a wild apple tree, Honey Gold apple
  • Honey Crisp apple, Montmorency cherry, Courtland apple

Definitely skewed towards apples. I’d like to add another pie cherry, and some sweet cherries. The wild apple tree is a start from a tree along one of our fields. That tree has been there as long as I can remember, and is always laden with apples. It’ll be interesting to see if its offspring grows up to bear apples. It’s certainly vigorous as a shoot.

In the foreground is my directional stone pillar. It’s a good feeling to know if I get lost in the orchard I can always find my way home.

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