Thanksgiving 2011

We’re spending Thanksgiving 2011 at home. Debbie made a sweet potato pie from white sweet potatoes we got from Jeff Rosswurm. It smells great! But I have serious reservations about using crumbled burnt peanuts for the topping.

Pie Topping?

I expressed my concerns about these to Debbie and she told me to “shut up.” That hardly seems in the Thanksgiving spirit.

I made gingered cranberry sauce using a recipe from my favorite food blogger Closet Cooking.

The stuffing is ready go, just regular bread stuffing. I was happy to have turkey stock I’d canned from the last time we cooked turkey to use in the stuffing.

In a few minutes here I’ll get the oven preheating for our 2011 turkey. Since it’s just Debbie and me this year, we’re cooking a 5 pound bone-in turkey breast. No getting up at 2:30 a.m. to start the turkey!

The Macy’s parade is on the TV, the house smells like home, the crops are harvested and safely stored away. We are ready to give thanks!

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2011

  1. The recipe wasn’t really worth it. It was essentially pumpkin pie made with sweet potatoes. I wouldn’t do a graham cracker crust again.

  2. For the burnt peanut topping you crush the peanuts and sprinkle them on whipped topping.

    We also had some toffee peanuts. We crushed some of those and tried that. I didn’t like it, and I like toffee peanuts. I didn’t like crunchy stuff in my Cool Whip.

    Yes, Cool Whip, not whipped cream. I like the fake stuff better. I’ll eat whipped cream and appreciate that it is better in every way than Cool Whip, but I like Cool Whip (and lots of it) better.

    The pie itself was very tasty, and it was satisfying to use sweet potatoes we had rather than go out and buy a can of pumpkin.

  3. I don’t do whipped cream of any kind so I’m safe with that. Yeah, graham cracker with pumpkin or sweet potatoes sounds a little off. Hmmm. Guess I’ll stick with plain baked sweet potatoes.

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