I’d bottled my hard apple cider on November 22nd, so here on December 10th it was time to see how it did. I chilled a couple of bottles and then popped the top on one and poured.

It fizzed nicely in the glass. I had added apple juice concentrate hoping it would ferment in the bottle and add fizziness. That step worked.

The color and clarity were nice, light yellow and slightly cloudy, just what you’d expect.

A cautious sniff revealed no off odors. Nothing to do now but taste it.

…. ahhh ….

Success! It tasted wonderful. Light and fizzy and bright and sharp, with a lingering finish of apples.

I’ve had lots of failures with fermented beverages, that makes this hard cider all the more tasty!

The Splendid Result
The Attractive Bottles

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