This Time It’s Personal, Part 2

We tried to plant today, but it was too wet.  Not so wet that we’re throwing mud everywhere,  but…, well, I don’t want to get bogged down in a discussion of the finer details of no-till seeding, that’s not the point here.

Too wet to plant, can’t dance,  so we spent the day doing odds and ends.  Mowing side ditches, cleaning up machinery.  Mid-afternoon a lady showed up and bought two bales of straw, so with 4 bucks in our pockets we did what any good Americans would do.  We headed to town to spend it.

Town in this case is Merriam, Indiana.  The intersection of highways 9 & 33.  A gas station, a bar, and a, er, well, umm, that’s it.  We hit the gas station for a couple of fountain pops.

As Lana, I, and the wonder dogs Spenser and Owen pulled in we noticed it was getting stormy looking in the west.  The last thing we need now is more rain.  We also noticed there was a guy standing at the highway intersection with a cardboard sign and a jar, looking for cash.

When Lana got back with fountain pops I said, “we need all the karma we can get.”  I grabbed all the ones I had in my wallet (and I had a big stack of Washington’s, bucko) and we circled around and gave them to the guy.

We went home, closed the barn up, and looked to the sky for tomorrow.  And the skies were clear and bright.

I don’t really believe it’s personal.  I don’t think God, Allah, my karma, whatever, contributed to this.  I’m just saying the skies were now clear, the ground is looking dry, and tomorrow we’ll  be rolling.

Because I handed 8 bucks to a stranger on the corner?  No, that’s just absurd.

Isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “This Time It’s Personal, Part 2

  1. Even if 8 bucks didn’t buy you karma, it certainly made small, positive ripples in the fabric of the universe. That I DO believe!
    P.S. Don’t mess with Karma. She can get mean.

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