Where All the Lights are Bright

We moved back to Whitley County 5 years ago, and so I haven’t paid much attention to the Harrison Square debate in Ft. Wayne.   Since I no longer paid taxes there, I wasn’t much interested.

We were in downtown Ft. Wayne Friday for a wedding (Andy and Megan, congratulations!).  The wedding was at the west end of downtown, and after the wedding we walked down to the Indiana Hotel lobby for the reception.  After the reception we of course strolled back to get our car.

I was amazed and pleased at the change in downtown Ft. Wayne.  It was a perfect June evening, but still, the sidewalks were full of people.  The outside seating at the various restaurants and bars was full.  The TinCaps had a game, and there was a concert at the plaza at the library.  I wasn’t so surprised at a bunch of people at a ball game, but the plaza was full of people enjoying the evening and the music.

It reminded me of all the cities I’ve traveled to, big cities with lively downtowns.   I’m generally libertarian in my opinions on the government’s role, but doggone it, the tax money spent it downtown Ft. Wayne is working.

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