We had a little too much fun when we finally got out of the house after the great blizzard of ’14 and got to the library[1].

The Stack

The Stack

I hope no one gets hurt when that stack topples.

1. Debbie renewed her PLAC card. (Which is like saying “ATM machine” but what you gonna do? Saying “renewed her PLAC” just sounds weird.)

And I stomped around in the “YP” section, looking for the second Hunger Games book in my Red Wings and Carhartt coat… no… that wasn’t awkward…


  1. Missy says:

    If you’d let your carharts droop from your waist and left your Red Wings untied, you might’ve fit in. :)

  2. anne says:

    You’ve must of run out of reading material during the blizzard and felt the need to stock up for the next one. 70 degrees today in Galveston, got a sunburn on my nose during my run.

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