The Best Restaurant in Fort Wayne

I won’t drag this out; it’s Das Schnitzelhaus.

Favorite nephew Tom and I went to Das Schnitzelhaus for lunch today. Being the wind chill’s below zero we came up with a lame excuse to go into Ft. Wayne rather than to work outside. And since we’re both hungry and growing boys, we arranged that trip to town at lunch time.

Lunch at Das Schnitzelhaus started off with a sweet and tart cole slaw. Then Tom had the German Platter – roast pork, schnitzel, sausage, spaetzle, and sauerkraut. I had the sausage platter, 3 kinds of sausage, potatoes and gravy, and sauerkraut. Served with a big pot of German mustard, of course.

Now, I like hyperbole. I love to exaggerate and inflate. But the “Best Restaurant in Fort Wayne?” Really? Up against Joseph Decuis and Eddie Merlot’s?

Let’s break it down:

  • We walked in and a smiling person greeted us, made us feel welcome, and got us settled.
  • The restaurant was immaculately clean.
  • The decor was pleasing: German flags and colors, family photos. All you’d want and expect.
  • The server took our drink orders upon our sitting down and kept our glasses full.
  • The food was delicious, expertly prepared; textures, seasonings, temperatures were all faultless.
  • The server was attentive.
  • The chef came out and greeted the customers, making sure all was as it should be.
  • The check was correct and presented promptly at the end of the meal.

Looking at that list it doesn’t seem like much actually. But I’ve been to the ‘best’ restaurants in the area and even charging 10 times what Das Schnitzelhaus does they can’t seem to pull that off.

All Das Schnitzelhaus needs is das Bier![1]

1. Beer.

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