Throw Another Shrimp on the Salt Block

Paul and Lisa got us a Himalaya salt cooking slab for Christmas.

Salt Slab

Salt Slab

It’s a slab of salt, about an inch and a quarter thick, and maybe 9 by 12 inches square.

We pulled it out tonight to roast veggies and shrimp. It went into the oven and then we cranked the temperature to 400 to let it soak up the heat for an hour.

While the salt block was heating I marinated the shrimp with crushed garlic and olive oil and the broccoli, asparagus, and green onions with olive oil and red pepper flakes.

The veggies went on first, because they’ll take longer to cook than the shrimp.

Veggies Before

Veggies Before

And after 20 minutes.

Veggies After

Veggies After

Then it was time to put the shrimp in. I’d read about skewering the shrimp on rosemary sprigs, but either my rosemary sprigs were too big, or the shrimp were too small. The shrimp just split when I tried to thread them on the springs. So the shrimp went on metal skewers with the rosemary strewn on top.

Shrimp on the Salt Slab.

Shrimp on the Salt Slab.

The shrimp only took a few minutes on each side to cook.

The shrimp were absolutely delicious. They’d picked up an amazing roasted saltiness from the salt block.

The vegetables on the other hand hardly tasted of salt at all. For some reason they didn’t pick up saltiness at all from the block.

We’ve got a couple of filet mignons on the menu for next week. They’re going on that salt block for sure!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Extremely yummy!

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