Owen the Trapper

Rabbits are running amuck here at Skunk Hill. They live under our porch and breed like, well, rabbits. Owen and Spenser (the wonder dogs) spend endless hours chasing, but never catching, rabbits.

They’re killing our trees by chewing the bark and girdling the trees, and they’re just chewing tender plants to the ground, or at least to the top of the snow.

So war has been declared on the bunnies. We set the live trap and baited with it hay. In matters of moments we had a bunny in the trap. Unfortunately, the wonder dogs discovered the rabbit in the trap before I did. The howling and carrying by both the wonder dogs and the rabbit was the very definition of ‘histrionics.’

That was 3 days ago. Today I baited the trap, ready to capture another bunny. Owen was ready too.

Trapping Owen
Trapping Owen

A rabbit appeared in the trap once. Owen, like an elephant, never forgets. He’s keeping an eye on the trap, waiting for another rabbit to appear in it.

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