Good Dogs

Along about 5 o’clock tonight the soybean combine head disintegrated into shiny and interestingly twisted bits of steel. In a steady drizzle Lana and I looked at the deconstructed bits and finally concluded there was nothing to do but call the incredibly expensive Caterpillar repairman in the morning. I drove home in a blue funk, with visions of a 4 figure repair bill dancing in my head.

I got home and headed up the walk and Owen the Wonder Dog burst off the porch and sprinted down the sidewalk as hard as he could go to greet me (if you’ve ever seen a Corgi sprint, you can imagine how comic and endearing that moment was.) He boiled about my feet in a paroxysm of joy and then sprinted back just as furiously to the house.

I got to the house and sat down to take my shoes off and Spenser (also a Wonder Dog) was so overcome to see me that he bounded into my lap. He’s a bit large and smelly for that, but he’s all heart, so it was ok.

And it was. It was all ok. Sure, things break and your job is hard and it seems like nothing is quite like it should be. But if you’ve got a good dog (or dogs), everything is ok.

5 thoughts on “Good Dogs

  1. Chuck – I loved this post! I can just see Owen in his paroxysm of joy! Praying the repair wasn’t too expensive. I am glad for the reminder that puppies can give you such a shining example of the Lord’s Love – just when you need it!

    1. Today we disassembled the bean head and cleared out all the twisted and shredded parts and the damage wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked under a gray and drizzly sky last night. We have the parts on the way from Cat, and should be ready to run beans again by Thursday. In the meantime we can occupy ourselves running corn and planting wheat.

      The dogs were right, it’ll all be ok!

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