The Big Stone Cooking Area, Finished!

Jay the mason came over last night and washed the Big Stone Cooking Area down with whatever the magic liquid is that masons use to get all mortar haze off of the stone. That officially marks it as finished. Well, that and I paid Jay for his work.

It looks, well, superlatives fail me. I’ll let the pictures be worth a 1000 words, or 2.

A Thousand Words
Yet Another 1000 Words

I told Jay he obviously paid attention in geometry class to come up with the angles to cut that flagstone on the rim of the firepit.

We’re going to do a bit of landscaping around it, some flagstones rather than just crushed gravel. Fortunately I have a professional landscaper on retainer, as it were.

We’re getting beautiful fall nights now. I need to bring home some of that nicely seasoned black locust firewood I cut up last year and take the Big Stone Cooking Area for a spin one of these nights.

7 thoughts on “The Big Stone Cooking Area, Finished!

  1. Beautiful! I told Debbie that you’re going to have to include a cooking webcast in your Two Farmers and a Fork bit. Sounds really fancy!

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