3 Sisters

I planted my 3 Sisters garden today. The 3 Sisters are the technique of planting corn, beans, and squash all together and they all grow together without competing.

The 3 Sisters Patch
The 3 Sisters Patch

I planted rows of sweet corn, the white open-pollinated corn I got from Sam Taulbee, and sunflowers. Then I seeded squash, pumpkins, and pole beans in the rows with the corn and sunflowers.

This will all be without herbicides since I don’t know what I could spray that wouldn’t kill one of those things I planted. I hope our tiller keeps running all season!

Spenser helped me plant the garden. Mainly by digging a huge hole in the ground.

Hard Working Dog
Hard Working Dog

And when he got tired of digging, he followed me up and down the rows. He’s a hard working dog.

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  1. Having spent the week with Chuck and Debbie, I can testify that Spencer and Owen are very hard working dogs, they spend their evenings in exhausted slumber after a hard days work that often begins before sunrise by treeing raccoons on the front porch.

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