Religious People

Tom and I went up to Nappanee yesterday to get a part for our auger that self-destructed during wheat harvest. I needed gas, so we swung into the first station in Nappanee.

I was surprised when I went in to get a refreshing fountain pop to hear what seemed to be Indian hip-hop music blaring. Then a young man wearing a turban and a full beard took my money. I was again surprised to see a Sikh in downtown Nappanee, but it explained the music.

We got back into the truck and waited for an Amish guy…

with a hat and a full beard

… to pass by on Highway 6 so we could continue on.

I didn’t think a thing about it, until tonight when I was relating to Debbie the amusing anecdote of a Sikh in Nappanee, and she said, “Don’t you see? The Amish guy and the Sikh are the same. They’re both following their religion.”


I wish I was as smart as Debbie.

3 thoughts on “Religious People

  1. I believe I said it made sense to have two conservative and highly visible (because of clothing) religious groups coexisting . Seems like one could readily understand certain challenges that the other faced. Besides…I doubt that the Amish use the gas station all that much.

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