Dill Pickles

We planted 4 cucumber plants this spring. They all froze in a late frost. Then we planted 4 more. All but one of froze in an even later frost. But the one surviving vine is producing cucumbers with a vengeance. I made 5 pints of pickle relish last week and I made dill pickles today.


The dill is from our garden too, the dill plants are going great this year. There’s not a lot of cucumbers there, but it was enough to make 3 pints, a nice quantity for us.

Finished Product
Finished Product

I tried a low-temperature pasteurization technique where you process the jars for 30 minutes while holding the water temperate at 180 degrees. It’s supposed to result in a crispier pickle. I’m anxious to try some, but I always feel like I should hoard the jars until winter and eat fresh from the garden now.

4 thoughts on “Dill Pickles

  1. That’s what I was thinking, Anne. I also wondered if they turned white or if that is just an artifact of the picture taking process?

  2. There’s liquid to the specified 1/2 inch of head room. These cukes are very light colored. The pickle relish I made looks almost like an onion relish or something.

    They taste like any other cucumber though.

    Two days later here I picked another 4 pounds off that vine. Dill pickle relish, here I come!

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