Just in case you thought Cadillac couldn’t get any dumber than their ELR commercial last year [1], they rolled out this brain-dead wonder this year set to David Bowie’s “Fame”.

Honestly, did no one at Cadillac listen to the lyrics? Or did they assume anyone simple enough to buy a Cadillac would never actually listen to a David Bowie song?

“Fame, puts you there where things are hollow”

– like a Caddy, which is just a Chevy.

“To bind your time, it drives you to, crime”

– Clearly we want our luxury automobile brand to be associated with committing crime to buy one.

“Feeling so gay, feeling gay?
Brings so much pain?”

– Well, that makes me want to rush out and buy a Caddy.

If this is the best GM can come up with maybe the President should’ve let GM go down the tubes.

1. Have you forgotten this one? Now the second dumbest commercial ever made.

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