It’s New, It Must be Good

Do you like this new theme for my blog? It’s just ok, I think. But it does look nice on a mobile device [1]. And being an old fellow with old eyes I really like the big and bold fonts.

On the non-mobile view I don’t like the menu on the left. That’s prime real estate, the post should be there, and the menu on the right. I’ve always been a wannabe journalist [2], and when I worked on the newspapers in high school and college I was always most interested in layout. That menu just doesn’t belong there. I haven’t explored the theme options much yet. Maybe I can move it.

1. Mobile device == a tiny screen that you can’t see anything on, especially in sunlight, and you can’t type, nor hover over any item. But mobile devices are really expensive, fragile, and have outrageous monthly charges, so they must be good.

2. Hence this blog.

8 thoughts on “It’s New, It Must be Good

        1. I do like our chicken coop. Debbie and I were just talking tonight about moving the corn burning stove from my shop to the coop to make the greenhouse part warm for growing things in the winter.

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