Sharp Tools

I was splitting wood the other day with my second favorite ax. That ax belonged to my wife’s grandfather, Glen Buckmaster. I like to split wood and remember him. I only knew him for a few years, but he was a fine man.

The ax was bouncing back at me, so I figured it needed sharpened. I hit it with the grinder to reshape the bevel and then honed it with a file. The wood exploded apart when I hit it with the sharpened ax. I clearly need to sharpen my tools more often.

And this is a good excuse to quote one of my favorite poems.

“Except as a fellow handled an ax,
They had no way of knowing a fool.”

Robert Frost in the poem “Two Tramps in Mud Time”.

4 thoughts on “Sharp Tools

  1. Thanks for this, Chuck! I always thought of him as a “Renaissance Man” of sorts. He enjoyed baking, crocheting, building, and basketball, to name a few. A man of many talents and many interests. He would be glad to know you have and are using his ax.

  2. Love ya, Chuck. Grandpa was a great man. Mandy, don’t forget the candy making and pink popcorn balls. He made up a tool box for me when I moved into my first apartment. I still have the old drill that he gave me – just because.

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