And Yet Another Black Raspberry Post

The wild black raspberries produced like crazy this summer. I made black raspberry pie and black raspberry jam and black raspberry syrup and then I took all the black raspberry pulp left over from that and made black raspberry vinegar.

I had black raspberry syrup on my fried mush this weekend, and today I made a yogurt black raspberry vinaigrette to have on a salad.

The vinegar has been sitting at the back of our pantry. I never think of it until after I’ve made something it would be good in. Today I was putting together a salad for lunch tomorrow and we didn’t have any of our good homemade bleu cheese dressing in the refrigerator. What to do?

That’s when I remembered the raspberry vinegar. I like a tart, not too oily, dressing so this is how I made it.

1/3 cup Siggi’s non-fat Icelandic Skyr [1]
3 T olive oil
3 T black raspberry vinegar
dash of salt
dash of pepper

It came out just the way I like it. The yogurt makes it creamy and smooth, and the vinegar makes it tart. The color though looks like something that couldn’t have possibly come from nature.

Black Raspberry Salad Dressing?

The photo doesn’t do it justice, in real life it’s this bizarre pink that looks like what you’d get if you puréed a Barbie [2], packaging and all.

I’m looking forward to enjoying last summer’s black raspberries again tomorrow for lunch!

1. AKA yogurt. Our grocery stores have recently started carrying Siggi’s [3] and it’s a really nice yogurt. A lot of the grocery store yogurts taste chalky and weird, but Siggi’s, even the non-fat [4], just tastes good.
2. No Barbies were harmed in the making of this post.
3. is, as always, commercial-free. Nobody [5] pays me anything for doing this.
4. Yes, I know healthy fats are all the rage and non-fat yogurt is of the devil.
5. Including Siggi’s.

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