The Great Boggle Challenge 2015

We’re off to a late start with our annual winter challenge. We paralyzed ourselves by deciding to do something intellectually stimulating, like learn a language, as our challenge.

But by the time we finished our farming and nursery seasons we were tired and the thought of doing something challenging was so daunting that we did nothing.

Finally tonight we admitted we weren’t ever going to get around to doing something that made us think, so we started the Great Boggle Challenge of 2015.

As in years previous, we’ll tally our scores each night, and declare a winner on March 20th, the first day of spring.

Date Debbie’s Score Chuck’s Score Notes
1/19/2015 30 26 Debbie continues where she left off when we last played Boogle in 2013, offering up dubious words like “rex” and “grote”.
1/20/2015 22 10 I don’t like this game.
1/21/2015 33 42 A stunning comeback
1/22/2015 19 22 Of course ‘hoy’ is a word!
2/21/2015 28 13 After a long layoff to recover from the Cincinnati Death Virus Lana brought home from the National No-Till Conference I suffer an humiliating defeat.
2/27/2015 49 46 A high scoring match.
2/28/2015 30 32 The tide turns on the last day of February.
3/01/2015 31 25 I don’t care what anyone says, “nads” is too a word./td>
3/04/2015 33 21 Putting new batteries in the Boggle gadget didn’t help./td>
Total 275 237

Alas, the Great Boggle Challenge of 2015 ended with a whimper (on my part), not a bang. Debbie won a crushing victory in our abbreviated challenge. 2016 will be my year, I’m sure.

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    1. We have. We have a short attention span, so we talked about a time-limited Scrabble, like we’d record the score at 20 minutes or something like that.

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