Idda von Bramberg

Life Sketch
Idda von Bramberg was a daughter of an illustrious family in Lucerne, Switzerland. She married Walter Zumbrunnen, who became the Landammann of Uri. She was likely born in the late 1300s.

Walter and Idda owned land in both Schattdorf (presumably inherited from Walter’s mother Hemma Fürst) and in Attinghausen. Idda and Walter made a major donation to the St. Andreas Church in Attinghausen to establish a sort of religious-charitable foundation (the exact nature is unclear to me). They are thus recorded in the Necrology of the St. Andreas Church.

They had at least three children: two sons both named Johann and a daughter, Margarita. The oldest Johann followed in his father’s footsteps as Landammann of Uri.

Vital Information

Name: Idda von Bramberg
Sex: Female
Birth: Late-1300s or early 1400s
Residence: Born in Lucerne, lived with Walter in Attinghausen or Schattdorf
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: None known

Spouse: Landammann Walter Zumbrunnen
Children: Johann Zumbrunnen, Johann Zumbrunnen the younger, Margarita Zumbrunnen Zumberg


  • Idda is mentioned in Walter Zumbrunnen’ entry (in German) in the online version of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland.
  • Itta is mentioned in Walter Zumbrunnen’s entry in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse
  • Idda von Bramberg entry at (free registration required). Her birth year is estimated as 1415. That’s 20 years younger than the estimate for her husband and I don’t know the basis for thinking there’s such a large gap, although it’s certainly not impossible.
  • Idda von Bramberg entry at Stammler Genealogie
  • Idda is mentioned in the Walter Zumbrunnen entry at genealogy website
  • Idda and Walter are recorded in the Necrology of the St. Andreas Church for a donation they made establishing a foundation.
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