Zumbrun/Zumbrunnen Genealogy Book – Coming in 2021

Cover imageIt has been over 20 years since anyone compiled a genealogy book of the Zumbrun family and the time has come for a detailed update. Much has been learned about the family’s roots in Switzerland, their time in Germany, and their early years in the Americas.

Most online genealogies begin with Heinrich Zumbrun, knowing only that he immigrated on the Ship Brothers in 1754. In recent years, a new picture has been discovered of Heinrich’s childhood and his family in Europe (where they originally spelled the name Zumbrunnen), his life before he immigrated, and his early years in America.

A few pieces of family legend have been debunked (no one died in a shipwreck) and the early Zumbruns were indeed a mercenary family, but not Hessian mercenaries in the Revolutionary War as many genealogists had mistakenly theorized.

Extensive records have been uncovered of the Zumbrunnen family in Switzerland. For centuries the Valley of Uri in Switzerland was their home. Within Uri they rose to positions of prominence and were closely involved in the creation of the Swiss Confederacy. Many served as magistrates and lived in Swiss castles. For centuries they were involved in military conflicts against Europe’s Habsburg princes.

All this research and other material never before translated into English will be compiled in a two-part work.

The first part will be richly illustrated with color images of Zumbrunnen coat-of-arms throughout the centuries, the castles and homes in which they lived, the churches in wish they worshiped, the towns in which they settled, and so on.

The second part will be a detailed genealogy beginning over 800 years ago, and ending in about the year 1920 (in order to protect the privacy of the living.)

The intention is for this book to be not only a comprehensive genealogy reference but also a beautiful keepsake. The current timeline is for the book to be printed in late 2021.

Determining the level of interest could help lower printing costs considerably. If you would be interested in ordering a copy of this book once it is ready, please email me at: JHZumbrun


  1. Mary Ann Lebron says:

    I am a Zumbrun descendant as well. If calculated correctly, Heinrich Zumbrun would be my 5th great grandfather. His grandaughter Maria Magdaline married my 3rd great grandfather Jacob Hiteshew. I would definitely be interested in purchasing a book on the Zumbrun genealogy!!!

    • Mark Hitshew says:

      Mary Ann,
      My name is Mark Hitshew, and Jacob Hiteshew was my Grandfather x4. He was married to Magdalena. I came across this doing some research and found it very interesting.


      • Mary Ann Lebron says:

        Hi Mark,

        Nice to meet another Hiteshew family member. It looks like we are somewhat close relatives. Jacob and Magdalena Zumbrun Hiteshew were my 3rd great grandparents. I am descended through their son David. If you would like to correspond with me directly, my email is [email protected].

        Mary Ann Claycomb Lebron

  2. Bridgett (Zumbrun) Roberts says:

    This is amazing.
    800 years, I never imagined being a Zumbrun had such rich history. My brother, Jeff, and I were born in Dayton, Ohio to Don & Sharon Zumbrun. I would love to learn more about our blood line by purchasing a book.

    Thank You,
    Bridgett Zumbrun

  3. Brandon Mayer says:

    My grandmother is a Zumbrunnen, marlose Zumbrunnen. Supposedly, all Zumbrun are related, I’ve been looking for more information on my extended family.

  4. Brandon Mayer says:

    Please contact me. If you know anything, I need to know. 9106228223

  5. Heidi L Mair says:


    My great-grandfather, Jakob Zumbrunnen and his parents and brother emigrated from Zweisimmen in the 1800′s. I traced his lineage back to the 1500′s using Schweiz, Katholische und Lutherisch Kirchenbücher, 1418-1996 from the Family History records. They are now digitzed. My brother visited Zwesimmen several years ago and the town archivist showed him a brochure with an old document referring to the family as la fontaine. Both names mean by the well. I should transcribe that document to read the rest of the Latin. My family settled in Columbiana County, Ohio then Alliance, Ohio.

  6. Mary Ann Lebron says:

    Hi Josh,

    Mary Ann Lebron here. Just wondering how you’re doing and how the progress of the book is coming along. Am anxious to see it.


  7. Amy (Noble) Wauhop says:

    Hello cousins! Thank you so much for compiling all of this fascinating information about the Zumbrun line. My family line follows the Johann, David, William Francis branch and is mostly situated in south central PA and northern MD.

  8. Elijah Zumbrunnen says:

    Hello. Just curious where I can get this book? Thank you.

  9. Melanie ZumBrunnen says:

    My great-grandfather, Jakob Zumbrunnen also. My father was Roy Lloyd ZumBrunnen

  10. Melanie ZumBrunnen says:

    Amy, Mine also follows Johann, David, William Francis branch. I’m in Southern California. my email is [email protected]

  11. Ist das Buch erschienen? Verlag? Preis?

  12. David Zumbrum says:

    Josh would love to buy a copy of the book

  13. Ist das Buch, das 2021 hätte erscheinen sollen noch aktuell oder ist es nicht fertig geworden?

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