Burkhard Zumbrunnen, Knight of St. Lazarus

Life Sketch
Burkhard Zumbrunnen was born in the mid-to-late 1200s, the son of Landammann Burkhard “Schüpfer” Zumbrunnen. I believe there is some confusion in the records due to multiple generations of Zumbrunnen men all sharing the name Burkhard.

I believe this Burkhard, along with his brother Conrad, are mentioned as Knights in the Order of St. Lazarus in 1296. It’s possible, however, that this is Burkhard’s father. I believe this Burkhard is also the one mentioned in several old court and church records in the late 1200s and early 1300s, as his father would be getting too old.

Sources agree that a Burkhard Zumbrunnen was the father of Heinrich Zumbrunnen who died in the Battle of Laupen in 1339, as well as Johann Zumbrunnen who was still alive in 1360. I think their father must be this Burkhard, rather than Burkhard “Schüpfer.”

Vital Information

Name: Burkhard Zumbrunnen
Sex: Male
Birth: Mid- to late-1200s
Residence: Altdorf or Attinghausen
Offices: Knight in the Order of St. Lazarus, 1296
Death: After 1303

Family Members

Father: Burkhard “Schüpfer” Zumbrunnen
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Conrad Zumbrunnen

Spouse: Unknown
Children: Johan Zumbrunnen, Mechtilda Zumbrunnen Püntener, Heinrich Zumbrunnen

Second cousin: Abbot Conrad Zumbrunnen
Third cousin: Werner Von Attinghausen, Diethelm Von Schweinsberg


  • Burkhard Zumbrunnen entry in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse. This is one of the ancient sources that I believe compressed three different Burkhard Zumbrunnen’s into just two people.
  • The Zumbrunnen entry in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland mentions a Burkhard and Conrad Zumbrunnen who are Knights in the Order of St. Lazarus. I believe they are likely this Burkhard and his brother.
  • Burkhard Zumbrunnen entry at Stammler Genealogie
  • Burkhard Zumbrunnen entry at FamilySearch.org where his birth year is estimated as 1275.
    This cannot possibly be the birth date of Burkhard “Schüpfer” Zumbrunnen who was Landammann in 1273, but it makes sense as this Burkhard’s birth date.
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    1. […] to owe to the valor of the very first man who held the name. In the late 1200s or early 1300s, Burkhard Zumbrunnen, a Knight in the Order of St. Lazarus, had two sons named Johann Zumbrunnen and Heinrich […]

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