Josue Zumbrunnen II

Life Sketch
Josue Zumbrunnen II was the son of Josue Zumbrunnen and Margareta von Fleckenstein.

Like his brother Heinrich Zumbrunnen, he made some sort of career in military service.

He was the hospital bailiff in Altdorf from 1586 to 1588 and later rose through the ranks to become the land captain (the top military officer) of Uri’s military. He was also a member of the Council of Uri.

He was married to Barbara Hassin of Glarus, Switzerland — a region to the east of Uri, and they had three sons and two daughters. Barbara may have died young because Josue married twice more. He had at least three children with Barbara Tschudi and was also married (without children) to Apollonia Jauch, the daughter of Johann Jauch and Darie Puntener, two prominent Uri families.

Some sources say he died in 1608, but school records say his son Conrad was born in 1613 and that Josue was still alive in 1628.

Vital Information

Name: Josue Zumbrunnen
Sex: Male
Birth: Mid- to Late-1500s
Residence: Altdorf
Offices: Hospital bailiff in Altdorf 1586-1588
Death: Uncertain

Family Members

Father: Josue Zumbrunnen
Mother: Margareta Von Fleckenstein
Siblings: Heinrich Zumbrunnen, Margareta Zumbrunnen, Madelaine Zumbrunnen

Spouse: Barbara Hassin, Barbara Tschudi, Apollonia Jauch
Children with Barbara Hassin: Burkhard Zumbrunnen, Erasmus Zumbrunnen, Mansuetus IV Zumbrunnen, Magdalena Zumbrunnen, Barbara Zumbrunnen
Children with Barbara Tschudi: Jacob Zumbrunnen, Paschal Zumbrunnen, Conrad Zumbrunnen

Cousin: Johann Zumbrunnen, Landvogt of Bollenze, Margareta Zumbrunnen, Dorothea Zumbrunnen


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  • Josue Zumbrunnen is included in Bucelin’s genealogy of the Zumbrunnen family from the 1600s. (He is the second person in the fourth line from the bottom; his name is written in Latin as “Josue zum Brunnen Capitaneus”)
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