Heinrich, Lord of Attinghausen

Life Sketch
Heinrich, Lord of Attinghausen was one of the earliest lords of the Castle of Attinghausen. He was likely born in the first half of the 1100s.

His place in the family genealogy is uncertain, as he is known only because he appears in the ancient church necrologies in Uri.

According to The History of the Barons of Attinghausen and Schweinsberg by Theodor Von Liebenau, and supported by the church books, we know the names of three very early lords of Attinghausen: Albrecht, Heinrich and Lamprecht. According to a 2011 article by Helmi Gasser, Lamprecht can be identified with the founding family of the castle, and thus by default Heinrich and Albrecht must have come inbetween.

Heinrich was honored on April 28 in the Yearbook of the Monastery of the Order of St. Lazarus and on April 27 in the yearbook of the St. Andreas Church in Attinghausen. That he was memorialized in both yearbooks indicates he was very wealthy.

There is no way to determine if Heinrich is Albrecht’s father, or vice versa. The younger of the two was likely born around the 1130s or 1140s and the older likely born between 1100-1120.

The names of two early wives of this family are also known: Bertha and Othilia. It is impossible to know if they are his wife, his mother, or his grandmother.

Vital Information

Name: Heinrich, Lord of Attinghausen
Sex: Male
Birth: First half of the 1100s
Residence: Attinghausen Castle
Offices: Lord of Attinghausen
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Unknown, but possibly Albrecht of Attinghausen, or Lord Lamprecht, Knight of Attinghausen
Mother: Unknown, but possibly Bertha or Othilia
Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: Unknown, but possibly Bertha or Othilia
Children: Unknown, but possibly Albrecht of Attinghausen or Werner, Baron of Attinghausen


  • Heinrich of Attinghausen is mentioned in Theodor Von Liebenau’s “History of the Barons of Attinghausen and Schweinsberg”
  • Heinrich is in the St. Andreas Church yearbook and the Monastery of the Order of St. Lazarus yearbook

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