Bertha, Lady of Attinghausen

Life Sketch
Bertha, Lady of Attinghausen (or Berchton or Berchta) is one of the earliest known ladies of the Castle of Attinghausen. She was likely born in the first half of the 1100s or sooner.

The exact genealogy around Bertha is uncertain. She appears in the ancient Necrologies of Attinghausen. It appears that the Lady of the Castle was generally the only woman afforded inclusion in the church books. As the later wives of this family appear to be known, Bertha was likely the wife of one of the earliest lords of Attinghausen. She appears in the same ancient Necrologies as three very early lords of Attinghausen: Albrecht, Heinrich, and Lamprecht. She was thus likely married to one of these men, but it is impossible to know which.

She could be the mother of one of these men, or the mother of Werner, Baron of Attinghausen, but this is uncertain.

Vital Information

Name: Bertha, Lady of Attinghausen
Sex: Female
Birth: Before 1150
Residence: Attinghausen Castle
Offices: Lady of Attinghausen
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown

Spouse: Unknown, but possibly Albrecht of Attinghausen or Heinrich of Attinghausen or Lord Lamprecht, Knight of Attinghausen.

Children: Unknown, but possibly Albrecht of Attinghausen or Heinrich of Attinghausen or Werner, Baron of Attinghausen.


  • Bertha, Lady of Attinghausen is mentioned in Theodor Von Liebenau’s “History of the Barons of Attinghausen and Schweinsberg”
  • There’s a discussion of Bertha’s entry in the ancient churchbooks in “Die Burgruine Attinghausen” by Helmi Gasser, in Volume 102 (2011) of Historisches Neujahrsblatt, a Swiss history journal.
  • There are multiple entries for Bertha in the St. Andreas Church yearbook and the Monastery of the Order of St. Lazarus yearbook. It’s possible some of these entries are for a descendant of Bertha who were named after her. She is clearly identified as the Lady of Attinghausen in an entry on May 26.
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