Josue Zumbrunnen III

Life Sketch
Josue Zumbrunnen III was the son of Heinrich Zumbrunnen and Maria Jauch, likely born around 1585. He was the third Zumbrunnen man with the name Josue, after his uncle and grandfather.

He was active in politics, where he was a member of the council of Uri, and in the military where he was a captain. He was some sort of deputy to the Catholic regions during the disputes sweeping Switzerland over the Protestant Reformation. He was a representatives to the Swiss diet from 1616 to 1635 and also served as the hospital bailiff in Altdorf from 1616 to 1618.

Whether he married or had children is unknown. In 1627 he obtained land rights in Obwalden, Switzerland which may indicate that he, and his family, ultimately emigrated. He died on October 10, 1643.

Vital Information

Name: Josue Zumbrunnen
Sex: Male
Birth: 1585
Residence: Altdorf
Death: October 10, 1643

Family Members

Father: Heinrich Zumbrunnen
Mother: Maria Jauch
Siblings: Landammann Johann Heinrich Zumbrunnen, Fr. Fridolin Zumbrunnen, Franz Zumbrunnen, Johann Zumbrunnen

Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown

Cousins: Burkhard Zumbrunnen, Erasmus Zumbrunnen, Mansuetus IV Zumbrunnen, Magdalena Zumbrunnen, Barbara Zumbrunnen

Second cousins: Caspar Zumbrunnen, Melchior Zumbrunnen, Franz Zumbrunnen, Catharina Zumbrunnen, Anna Maria Zumbrunnen, Balthasar Zumbrunnen, Madelaine Zumbrunnen, Mansuetus Zumbrunnen III, Joachim Zumbrunnen


  • Josue Zumbrunnen entry (translated to English) in the old print version Historical Dictionary of Switzerland.
  • Josue is mentioned in Heinrich Zumbrunnen’s entry in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse
  • Josue Zumbrunnen entry at (free registration required).
  • Josue Zumbrunnen entry at genealogy website.
  • Josue Zumbrunnen is included in Bucelin’s genealogy of the Zumbrunnen family from the 1600s. (He is the third person in the third line from the bottom; his name is written in Latin as “Josue zum Brunnen Capitaneus”)

    1. […] JOSUE, son of no. 14. Born about 1585, member of the council, captain, deputy of the Catholic regions in October 1616, representative to the Swiss diet 1616-1635, hospital bailiff in Altdorf 1616-1618, head of the town council in 1616, obtained land rights in Obwalden in 1627. (I am not 100% confident of my translation here and believe it’s also possible that rather than obtaining land rights, the expression in German could mean that he was admitted to practice law.) Died October 26, 1643. […]

    2. […] March 2, 1649, Captain Josue Zumbrunnen. (There are several Josue’s and I’m not sure which one this record refers to. The Josue who was Johann Heinrich Zumbrunnen’s brother is said in other sources to have died in 1643.) […]

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