Margarita Hofer

Life Sketch
Margarita Hofer was the wife of Johannes Zumbrunnen the Landammann of Uri. She was probably born around the mid-1400s. She must have been deeply familiar with Uri’s civic life as her father Arnold Hofer was also the Landammann of Uri several decades before her husband took the office.

They had only one known child, also named Johannes Zumbrunnen. Margarita and her husband resided in Attinghasuen but also owned land in Schattdorf.

Vital Information

Name: Margarita Hofer
Sex: Female
Birth: Early- to mid-1400s
Residence: Attinghausen and Schattdorf
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Arnold Hofer
Mother: Richenza In Der Matt
Siblings: None known

Spouse: Landammann Johann Zumbrunnen I
Children: Johann Zumbrunnen


  • Margarita is mentioned in Johann Zumbrunnen’s entry (in German) in the online version of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland.
  • Margarita is mentioned in Johann Zumbrunnen’s entry in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse
  • Margarita Hofer entry at (free registration required). Her birth year is estimated as 1451.
  • Margarita Hofer entry at Stammler Genealogie
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