Heinrich Zumbrunnen, Landvogt of Livinen

Life Sketch
Heinrich Zumbrunnen was likely born in the early 1400s. His place in the family tree is somewhat uncertain. He was a member of the council of Uri and lived in Livinen as Landvogt or bailiff for at least three years from 1467 to 1472.

It’s possible that he was an unknown brother of Landammann Johann Zumbrunnen I. But if this is the case, then he obtained a politically important job several years before his brother, who was supposed to be the oldest son in the family. If Heinrich was the oldest son, it’s strange there’s no other records of him (it’s clear Johann inherited his father’s land).

Therefore, it’s plausible that Heinrich was a much younger son of Walter Zumbrunnen and Hemma Fürst. Hemma’s father was named Heinrich, as was Walter’s uncle (the famous Heinrich). It’s also possible Heinrich was a Zumbrunnen cousin on some forgotten branch.

The old printed version of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland said that Heinrich was the father of Landammann Johannes Zumbrunnen II, but the newer online version says Johannes was likely the son of Johannes I, which accords with other sources.

Vital Information

Name: Heinrich Zumbrunnen
Sex: Male
Birth: Early 1400s
Residence: Attinghausen
Offices: Councilmember of Uri; Bailiff of Livinen, 1469-72
Death: After 1472

Family Members

Father: Unknown, but probably Walter Zumbrunnen
Mother: Unknown, but probably Hemma Fürst
Siblings: If the above parents are right, he was the younger brother of Landammann Walter Zumbrunnen

Spouse: Unknown
Children: Possibly Landammann Johannes Zumbrunnen II, although he is more likely the son of Landammann Johannes Zumbrunnen I


  • Heinrich Zumbrunnen entry at the Zumbrunnen-family.ch genealogy website.
  • Heinrich Zumbrunnen entry in the old print version of the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland

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