Mansuetus Zumbrunnen III

Life Sketch
Mansuetus Zumbrunnen III was the eight child and fifth son of Johann Zumbrunnen and Veronika Reppulin. He was the third Zumbrunnen man to have this unusual name Mansuetus, which he shared with his grandfather and great-grandfather.

Little about this junior branch of the Zumbrunnen family is known, including birth dates, death dates, whether they owned land, or whether they had children. They are the possible origin of some of the other branches of the Zumbrunnen family.

Vital Information

Name: Mansuetus Zumbrunnen III
Sex: Male
Birth: Late-1500s or early-1600s
Residence: Altdorf or Bollenze
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Johann Zumbrunnen
Mother: Veronika Reppulin

Siblings: Caspar Zumbrunnen, Melchior Zumbrunnen, Franz Zumbrunnen, Catharina Zumbrunnen, Anna Maria Zumbrunnen, Balthasar Zumbrunnen, Madelaine Zumbrunnen, Joachim Zumbrunnen

Spouse: Unknown
Children: Unknown

Second cousins: Landammann Johann Heinrich Zumbrunnen, Fr. Fridolin Zumbrunnen, Franz Zumbrunnen, Josue Zumbrunnen III, Johann Zumbrunnen, Burkhard Zumbrunnen, Erasmus Zumbrunnen, Mansuetus IV Zumbrunnen, Magdalena Zumbrunnen, Barbara Zumbrunnen


  • Mansuetus Zumbrunnen is mentioned in his father’s entry in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse.

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