Mechtilda Zumbrunnen Püntener

Life Sketch
Mechtilda Püntener (née Zumbrunnen) was the daughter of Burkhard Zumbrunnen, probably born in the early 1300s. Mechtilda, the German version of the name Matilda, was a popular name among the German upper class in the 1200s and 1300s.

While sources agree that Mechtilda was the daughter of Burkhard Zumbrunnen, I believe this is some confusion in these sources and that she is the daughter of Burkhard Zumbrunnen who was a Knight in the Order of St. Lazarus, and the granddaughter (not the daughter) of Landammann Burkhard “Schüpfer” Zumbrunnen.

Mechtilda is the first known Zumbrunnen female, likely because of her husband: Johann Püntener. Johann lived on a piece of land called the Pünt, in the town of Seelisberg. Although Johann was apparently the third generation of the family to live on this land, he adopted the property as his name and became Johann Püntener, the first of a family that would go on to great prominence through the centuries in Uri, Switzerland.

Vital Information

Name: Mechtilda Zumbrunnen
Sex: Female
Birth: Late 1200s or early 1300s
Residence: Seelisberg
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Burkhard Zumbrunnen
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Heinrich Zumbrunnen, Johann Zumbrunnen

Spouse: Johann Püntener
Children: Johann Püntener, Heinrich Püntener (likely named after his fallen uncle)

Uncle: Conrad Zumbrunnen
Grandfather: Burkhard “Schüpfer” Zumbrunnen


  • Mechtilda Zumbrunnen entry on (free registration required). Her year of birth is estimated there as 1310.
  • Mechtilda Zumbrunnen entry at the Urner Geschlechter genealogy website.
  • Mechtilda Zumbrunnen entry at Stammler Genealogie.
  • Mechtilda Zumbrunnen is mentioned in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse
  • Mechtilda is listed on January 31 in the Necrology of the Monastery of the Order of St. Lazarus.

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