Jakob Jauch

Life Sketch
Jakob Jauch was the husband of Kunigunda Zumbrunnen. He was a member of the socially rising Jauch family, who were building a fortune largely through mercenary service. They were based in the town of Silenen. He was a member of the Council of Uri.

He and Kunigunda have many living descendants. A portrait of Jakob is available at Stammler-Genealogie.ch.

Vital Information

Name: Jakob Jauch
Sex: Male
Birth: Early-1500s
Residence: Silenen
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Peter Jauch
Mother: Luzia Dittli
Siblings: Anna Jauch

Spouse: Kunigunda Zumbrunnen
Children: Heinrich Jauch, Johann Jauch, Peter Jauch, Maria Jauch


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