Fr. Bernhard Zumbrunnen

Life Sketch

Bernard's name, on a list of people present for the consecration of a chapel.

Bernard’s name (possibly signature, but likely someone else’s hand) on a list of people present for the consecration of a chapel in 1640. The word “Uraniensis” indicates that he was from the Canton of Uri.

Fr. Bernhard Zumbrunnen was born 25 May 1617 to unknown parents in Altdorf, Switzerland. He became a priest at the monastery of Muri, in Northern Switzerland, and was a professor at the Monastery School. He wrote a book titled “Historia Universalis.”

According to the monastery’s website, his birth name was Johann Jakob and he became a priest on 8 Dec 1634. At this point, I haven’t determined who his parents were.

Vital Information

Name: Bernhard Zumbrunnen
Sex: Male
Birth: 25 May 1617
Residence: Altdorf, Muri
Occupation: Priest
Death: 23 Apr 1657

Family Members

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown


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