Dorothea Imhof von Blumenfeld

Life Sketch
Dorothea Imhof von Blumenfeld was the wife of Mansuetus Zumbrunnen II. She was evidently a relative of Johann Imhof von Blumenfeld who married Mansuetus’s sister Margaretha Zumbrunnen. The exact relationship is unknown; Dorothea and Johann Imhof were not siblings but could have been cousins.

Mansuetus became involved in the government of Lugano. He was a clerk and chancellor in Lugano, so Dorothea likely lived with him there. They had three children.

She had extensive ties to the magisterial class in Uri. Her grandfather Kaspar Imhof had been the landammann of Uri from 1551-1553 and again in 1561-1562.

Dorothea’s mother was Anna a Pro, the sister of Peter a Pro. Peter was married to Mansuetus’s sister Dorothea Zumbrunnen. Thus Dorothea Zumbrunnen was both her sister-in-law and aunt. (However, according to Girard, her mother was named Dorothea von Hassfurt of Attisweil, not Anna a Pro).

Vital Information

Name: Dorothea Imhof von Blumenfeld
Sex: Female
Birth: Early-1500s
Residence: Altdorf and Bologna
Death: Unknown

Family Members

Father: Christopher Imhof von Blumenfeld
Mother: Anna a Pro
Siblings: Anna Maria Imhof von Blumenfeld

Spouse: Mansuetus Zumbrunnen II
Children: Johann Zumbrunnen, Margaretha Zumbrunnen, Dorothea Zumbrunnen

Cousin: possibly Johann Imhof von Blumenfeld


  • Dorothea is mentioned in Mansuetus Zumbrunnen entry in the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse
  • Dorothea Imhof von Blumenfeld entry at (free registration required).
  • Dorothea Imhof von Blumenfeld entry at Stammler Genealogie.
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