Werner Zumbrunnen

Life Sketch
Werner Zumbrunnen is known only for his appearance in records of the Fraumünster of Zürich in the year 1257, holding a fief alongside Arnold Zumbrunnen in Uri. If he was roughly the same age as Arnold then he would have been in the same generation as Burkhard Zumbrunnen, the younger, and Conrad Zumbrunnen.

His appearance in 1257 suggests he could be a possible son to Burkhard Zumbrunnen, the elder, or Herman Zumbrunnen. It’s also possible that he was another brother of these two men. He’s a testament to the fact that even very early on there were other branches of Zumbrunnen men.

His name suggests a namesake in Werner, the Baron of Attinghausen, and thus provides a very ancient source with strong circumstantial evidence supporting the link between these families.

Vital Information

Name: Werner Zumbrunnen
Sex: Male
Birth: Unknown
Residence: Uri
Offices: Fief of the Fraumunster, 1257
Death: After 1257


  • Werner Zumbrunnen is mentioned in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland

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    2. […] no way to know for sure which is being referred to in the records. The first men mentioned are Werner Zumbrunnen and Arnold Zumbrunnen in 1257. In 1280, Werner is also identified as a landholder in the Canton of […]

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