Attinghausen and Schweinsberg Family Tree

The genealogy of the Barons of Attinghausen and Schweinsberg has never been documented in great detail because this once prominent family died off so long ago. The Attinghausen line died off in the mid-1300s with Jakob von Attinghausen and the Schweinsberg line died off in the 1400s with a Johann Von Schweinsberg.

Many of the records this far back are fairly muddled. While parts of this tree are very clearly established, other pieces are in dispute. At some point, I’ll create links to the individual members of this tree that will discuss which links are secure and which are more speculative or uncertain. For more about the origins of this interesting family, read here.

Lord Lamprecht, Knight of Attinghausen
1100s             ║
        Albrecht of AttinghausenHeinrich of AttinghausenWerner, Baron of Attinghausen ════╦════ Richenza von Löwenstein
                ║                                               ║  
             Werner II                                       Waltert                         
          Von Attinghausen                                 Zumbrunnen                   
1200s           ║                                               ║                                              
                ║                                     Zumbrunnen Family Tree
             ║                         ║                          ║                    
          Ulrich                   Richenza                    Conrad                             
     Von Attinghausen          m. Von Brunberg           Von Attinghausen                   
    & Von Schweinsberg            and Pundt             & Von Schweinsberg
             ║                                                    ║
          ╔══╩════════════════╦═══════════════╗                   ║              
          ║                   ║               ║                   ║              
       Werner I            Rudolf           Ulrich             Egloff
   Von Attinghausen       V. Atting.       V. Atting.             ║           
  & Von Schweinsberg     & V. Schwein.    & V. Schwein.       ╔═══╩════╗         
             ║                                                ║        ║
         ╔═══╩════════╦═════════════╦═══════════╗         Johannes   Bertha,                 
         ║            ║             ║           ║                    Elizabeth
    Werner II      Conrad         Anne          ║             
       Von                                   Diethelm               Elisabeth
   Attinghausen                           Von Schweinsberg ════╦════ Von Kempten
         ║                                                     ║ 
1300s ╔══╩══════════╦════════════╦══════════╦══════════════╗   ╚═══════╗                  
      ║             ║            ║          ║              ║           ║ 
   Johann          Anna      Ursula      Margarita    Willlebirgis     ║ 
     Von       m. Heinrich  m. Johann    m. Rudolf      m. von         ║
 Attinghausen   von Rudenz  von Simpeln  von Freiberg  Grunenberg      ║ 
      ║                                                                ║
     ╔╩══════════════╗                                        ╔════════╩═══╗
     ║               ║                                  Diethelm II     Thuring
   Conrad          Jacob                              von Schweinsberg
    Von             Von                                       ║
Attinghausen    Attinghausen       ╔══════════════════╦═══════╩═════════╗ 
                                   ║                  ║                 ║
                                 Conrad             Rudolf            Ulrich
                            von Schweinsberg   von Schweinsberg   von Schweinsberg
       ║              ║         ║           ║          ║            ║
    Thuring        Kungold     Anna     Anastasia   Adelheid    Elizabeth
      von         m. Ulrich             m. Ulrich               m. Conrad
  Schweinsberg   v. Walstetten        v Grunenberg           von Burgenstein
1400s  ║
     ║                 ║                ║ 
   Johann          Benignola          Ursula
von Schweinsberg   m. Ulrich
                  von Balmoos

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