Original Sources: The Necrology of the Brotherhood of “Old Grysen” in Altdorf

In Altdorf, in the 1500 and 1600s, a number of the prominent residents of the Canton of Uri belonged to a brotherhood named “Old Grysen.” The exact purpose of the brotherhood is unclear to me, but it was ecclesiastical, or at least church-affiliated, in character. The book is of interest because it establishes membership in the brotherhood for some of our Zumbrunnen ancestors and records some of their years of death. (You can read a bit more about older Necrologies here).

The books have been transcribed by historians. The lists below draw on a transcription published in 1910 in the Journal of Swiss Church History. Not all the death years were written down but, because the people were listed in chronological order of death, the historians were able to infer many of the dates from the surrounding people on the list. The data added by historians is in [brackets] whereas the rest of the information is the direct transcription. Below are all the entries for our ancestors; a relatively small slice of the overall necrology.


  • “Das Nekrologium der Bruderschaft zum «Alten Grysen» in Altdorf bis zum Jahre 1650″ by Joseph Müller in the 1910 Journal for Swiss Church History (Zeitschrift für schweizerische Kirchengeschichte).
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