Timeline of the Zumbrunnen, Zumbrunn, Zumbrun Family

  • 1209: Walter Von Attinghausen inherits the Schloss Zumbrunnen and changes his name to Walter Zumbrunnen, becoming the first of our family.
  • 1241: Burkhard Zumbrunnen becomes the Landammann of Uri, beginning a tradition of public service in central Switzerland that would last for almost five centuries.
  • 1251: Burkhard helps forge an alliance between the Canton of Uri and the city of Zurich.
  • 1307: The famous story of William Tell takes place in this year in the hometown of the Zumbrunnen family. The Zumbrunnen family have a number of proven connections to the events in this story!
  • 1339: Heinrich Zumbrunnen dies in the famous Battle of Laupen, one of the most important Swiss victories over the Hapsburgs that helped establish Switzerland’s independence. Heinrich/Henry is a common name in the family ever since.
  • 1600: A branch of the Zumbrunnen family, which includes most (or all) of the Swiss Zumbrunnen today, appears in the Bernese Highlands region of Switzerland.
  • 1743: According to the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland, the Zumbrunnen family becomes extinct in Uri.
  • 1749: Johann Heinrich Zumbrunn marries Maria Eva Lehr in Schwegenheim, Germany and in 1754 they immigrate to America. According to ship records he shortens his surname to Zumbrun.
  • 1787: The historian Jean-François Girard completes Volume I of the Nobiliaire Militaire Suisse. He writes a detailed entry on the genealogy of the Attinghausen family, the Zumbrunnen family (and the cousin lines the Der Frauen and the Von Schweinsbergs) None of the family still resides in Switzerland to encounter it.
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    1. melane zumbrunnen says:

      Would like to thank you sooo much for your hard work, I’m a Zumbrunnen and I really love to learn my origins !!

      Greetings from Switzerland

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